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Hi and Welcome to my blog,

This blog will explain you how i have constructed my own home made Cryptocurrency Mining Rig. I see this project as a nice and clever passive income with a lot of technical interest as well.

I was initially mining Ether, but this mining rig can mine any cryptocurrency. I switched to zcash when zcash mining profitability was better than ether. And i can switch back to ether mining whenever i want.

I have bought all the material i describe in my posts in many different ways : local second hand market, Amazon.com, ebay.com. That’s why you’ll see in my post multiple affiliate links to amazon.com.  All the new product (PSU, Motherboard, CPU RAM…) bought for that project have been ordered from amazon. I trust a lot this site, because I also realized that the seller was actually the manufacturer itself (Corsair, AsRock, Intel, Kingston …) using the amazon platform and the price was cheaper than in other website. If you click on my links and buy the product you want from amazon, it will be with no extra cost for you and i will receive a small revenue. I already thank you for your clicks. This will encourage me to make more effort on this blog.


The process is detailed in multiple posts :

Part 1 – Hardware, Mother board, CPU, RAM and Hard Drive.

Part 2 – Hardware, GPU and risers

Part 3 – Hardware, Power Supply Unit (PSU) Management

Part 4 – Hardware, Rig assembly

Part 5 – Software, Operating system and mining setup


Mining Rig – Service & Maintenance

Where to invest your fresh mined coins

Do not hesitate to leave comments for questions or page improvement suggestions.


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