Home Made Cryptocurrency Mining Rig – Part 3: Power System Unit (PSU)

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PSU are the components that will power all your system. I have personally chosen a combination of a 1000W Corsair PSU and a 750W Corsair PSU for my first Rig. But  the best and safer solution is clearly to have only one PSU per rig. My current rig is powered by a 1200W Corsair PSU. Corsair is a very good ans reliable brand with very good reputation. since the rig is running 24/7, i wanted to have a safe source of energy for my rig.


It is not easy to calculate the Power you will need, and it is better to not use 100% of your PSU capacity. I have based my calculation to what i have found on different forums and miner experiences.

Here is my experience While mining, what i measure on the wall is :

for Ether mining :

R9 270x = 150W – 11.2 MH/s
R9 280x= 185W – 15.5 MH/s
R9 290x= 285W – 24.8 MH/s
HD 7970= 200W – 15.1 MH/s
RX 480 = 165W – 23.0 MH/s

for zcash mining :

R9 270x = 115W – 14 H/s
R9 280x= 140W – 19 H/s
R9 290x= 218W – 40 H/s
HD 7970= 152W – 18 MH/s
RX 480 = 140W – 260 H/s each

The total consumption of my R9 family rig is 1020W, producing 81.7MH/s for Ether mining or 780W, producing 106 H/s for zcash mining. I have plugged that way :
– On the 1000W Corsair PSU : the mother board and components + HD7970 + R9 280x. Total 585W (Ether)
– On the 750W Corsair PSU : The R9 270x + R9 290. Total = 435W (Ether)

When mining zcash, i can only use the 1000W Corsair PSU .


For the RX 480 rig, i use the 1200W Corsair PSU to power all the 6 GPU.


You’ll need a Power meter Device to be installed on the wall plug, to verify your energy consumption in Watt. When mining at full power, it should not reach more than 85% of the PSU value !


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