Home Made Cryptocurrency Mining Rig – Part 2: GPU

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The choice of GPU is the choice of the calculation power. I highly recommend to have the same GPU family per rig to use the same single driver version on the same rig for all GPU. As you chose a 6x PCI-E Mother board, you can use up to 6 GPU in your rig.

Each GPU will have to be plugged with the help of a PCI-E 16x to 1x.

you can directly order a package of 6 PCI-E 16x to 1x or order them one by one : PCI-E 16x to 1x.


PCI-E Riser 16x to 1x

Each GPU must have a minimum of 3GB of RAM and be all of the same family on the same rig. If they are all on the same chipset family, you’ll have only one driver for all GPU. It will make the settup much more easy. Ethereum and zcash Mining algorithm are designed for AMD GPU, not NVIDIA. So you’ll get better results with AMD GPUs.

My First configuration was made with GPUs of the HD79xx & R9 2xx family. They exist in many brands (Asus, Sapphire, Gigabyte, etc…) and many different options regarding RAM, number of fans, Memory Clock, etc… Resulting Hashrate and power consumption will depend a lot on these options. Here is what i had in my previous rig.

for Ether mining :

R9 270x = 150W – 11.2 MH/s
R9 280x= 185W – 15.5 MH/s
R9 290x= 285W – 24.8 MH/s
HD 7970= 200W each – 15.1 MH/s

for zcash mining :

R9 270x = 115W – 14 H/s
R9 280x= 140W – 19 H/s
R9 290x= 218W – 40 H/s
HD 7970= 152W each – 18 MH/s

I have now switched all the above mentionned GPU by the very last AMD GPU generation :  RX 480 . RX 480 cannot be mixed with R9 xxx and HD xxxx on the same rig.

for Ether mining :

RX 480 = 165W – 23.0 MH/s each

for zcash mining :

RX 480 = 140W – 260 H/s each


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