Home Made Cryptocurrency Mining Rig – Part 2: GPU

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The choice of GPU is the choice of the calculation power. Your mining rig should be assembled by GPU from the same GPU family and driver. As you chose a 6x PCI-E Mother board, you can use up to 6 GPU in your rig.

It is not possible to plug GPU directly on the mother board for space reason and for heat exhaust reason. Each GPU will have to be plugged with the help of a PCI-E 16x to 1x.

PCI-E Riser 16x to 1x

Each GPU must have a minimum of 3GB of RAM and be all of the same family/driver on the same rig. If they are all on the same chipset family, you’ll have only one driver for all GPU. It will make the settup much more easy. Now, both Nvidia and AMD GPU are mining with good profitabilty. The availability of GPU is quite hard, so, do not hesitate to buy different models of GPU if they are from the same family/driver . see below a selection of the best models in term of compromise between power consumption and hashrate production. Results are presented in range, because it will differ from GPU manufacturer brand to another and will also depend of options (RAM, number of fans, Memory Clock, etc…).

My First configuration was made with GPUs of the HD79xx & R9 2xx family. Then I sold all of them to buy RX480 GPU for better performances. They exist in many brands (Asus, Sapphire, Gigabyte, etc…) and many different options regarding RAM, number of fans, Memory Clock, etc…

AMD GPU – FGLRX driver:
R9 270x 2Go = 150W – 10/12 MH/s
HD 7970 3Go = 200W – 15/16 MH/s
R9 280x 3Go = 185W – 15/16 MH/s
R9 290 4Go = 285W – 23/24 MH/s
R9 Nano 4Go = 175W – 26/27 MH/s
R9 Fury X 4Go = 275W – 29/30 MH/s
R9 390x 8Go = 305W – 28/29 MH/s

R9 270x 2Go = 115W – 14 H/s
R9 280x 3Go = 140W – 19 H/s
R9 290 4Go = 220W – 40 H/s
HD 7970 3Go = 150W – 18 H/s

AMD GPU – AMDGPU driver:
RX 480 8Go: 160W – 21/23 MH/s
RX VEGA 64 – 8Go: 367W – 33/35 MH/s
RX VEGA 56 – 8Go: 306W – 31/32 MH/s
RX 580 8Go: 140W – 25/26 MH/s
RX 570 4Go: 130W – 23/24 MH/s
RX 470 4Go: 150W – 18/20 MH/s

RX 480 8Gb: 150W – 280 H/s
RX 480 4Gb: 120W – 270 H/s

RX 480 8Gb: 120W – 607 H/s
RX 480 4Gb: 110W – 563 H/s

Nvidia GPU:
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti – 11Go: 250W – 31/32 MH/s
GeForce GTX 1070 – 8Go: 210W – 26/27 MH/s
GeForce GTX 1060 – 3Go: 120W – 19/20 MH/s


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