Home Made Cryptocurrency Mining Rig – Part 1: Mother-Board, CPU, RAM, Hard-Drive

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Let me explain you how i have assembled my Cryptocurrency Mining Rig. It consists to buy a Mother-Board, a CPU, a RAM, a Hard-drive, a PSU, and multiple GPUs. GPUs are the components that are performing the job.

The more GPU you’ll have, the more powerful will be your rig. Ideally, you’ll need a mother board with a big number of PCI-E slots, to plug the GPUs.

In this post, let detail how to choose Mother board, compatible CPU, and RAM and Hard-drive and have direct link to Amazon to order them.

GPUs will be plugged on PCI-E slots. For GPU Mining, the Mother board should have an important number of PCI-E connections. 2016 Motherboard can have up to 6 PCI-E slots. I’ll detail the GPU choice in another Post.

Order Component by component

Here is a selection of Good Products, well known for GPU mining. I have indicated the number of PCI-E for each Mother board. If you buy one of these Mother Boards, you’ll mine Ether with success.

ASRock ATX Motherboard H81 PRO BTC (6x PCI-E)


ASRock ATX Motherboard H97 Anniversary (6xPCI-E)

ASRock ATX Motherboard B85 Anniversary (6xPCI-E)

Now comes the choice of CPU. CPU does not have a big importance on GPU Mining. I personally bought a basic model. The only think you have to take care is the compatibility with the Motherboard chipset (all the one i have listed are chipset 1150) and that it is a 64bits CPU. here is my selection.

Intel Celeron G1820 Processor 1150 CPU


Intel Celeron G1840 Processor 1150 CPU

RAM choice is quite easy. 4Go is enough to mine Ether. It has also to be compatible with your mother board.

Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600Hz


Hard-Drive is the last piece you need here. The price of SSD technology Hard-Drive has reduced a lot for the past 12 months. SSD technology has the advantage to increase the performance of Mining. A Linux OS fits in only 40Go. So you do not need to buy a big Hard-Drive. here is my selection.

Transcend 64GB MLC SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5″ Solid State Drive 370 (TS64GSSD370S)

Kingston SSDNow V100 64 GB SATA II 3 GB/s 2.5 inch Solid-State Drive SV100S2/64GZ


Order a complete set

Another option, maybe more simple if you start from scratch is to order a set.


gpuShack proposes some combinations of MotherBoard, CPU, RAM, SSD, with the awesome EthOS already installed. EthOS is an OS specially designed for Mining. And, if you use my coupon “miningcryptocurrencyblog”, you’ll get $5 discount on your order.


This post is now finished, next steps are GPU choice, PSU Choice , Rig assembly and Software configuration.


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