Cryptocurrency Mining Rig – Service & Maintenance

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Considering your rig is working 24/7. It will need to be monitored and serviced regularly. I recommend to monitor the hashrate stability and that temperatures do not exceed 85 °C.

I recommend to clean the GPU / Graphic cards one a month. The frequency will depend of the air condition around your miner. If you have a pet or your rig in the garage, then the frequency might higher.

Each GPU should be cleaned. remove all dust, dirt or hair out of radiators. Also back sides of GPU fan blades might be full of dust.

I use standard air dusters cans, but a good small vacuum machine can help.

I have currently two brands of GPU : Sapphire and MSI. MSI GPU are easier to clean. You can dismount the fan carrier by removing four small screws on top and bottom side of each fan. Screws are small, you need a precision screw driver kit. If you use the incorrect screw driver size, you’ll wear the screw head. I also needed a small magnet as pickup tool. The screw is always falling on inappropriate space.


Sapphire GPU are a bit different, i had not managed to remove the fan carrier. So i remove the 3 screws of each fan to reach the radiator behind.


Then, you can clean the blade back side and the radiator.

Every dust removed will help the card to get cooler when back mining.

Good Luck !!


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