Where to sell or invest your mined Coins ?

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Now you are mining Ether or zcash or whatever cryptocurrency coin regularly. And you want to make more profit with this cryptocurrency. I have found for the moment 3 options and strategies:



  • Sell my mined Ether and zcash into EUR in Karken Platform. Karken Platform is the simplest platform i had found for that. I have also used Poloniex.com, but the platform screen is not as clear as kraken.



  • Invest in Peer to peer lending companies like Bondora. On this site, you can lend money (in EUR) to people with very good interest rate for you (between 9% to 15% depending on the risk you can accept). If you just want to try,  Bondora offers you 5€ if you use my personal blog link.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome…


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