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This page is a high level summary of all the resources I recommend along this blog to start mining your own money at home.

In order to evaluate properly your investment, the electricity consumption and the amount of Cryptocoin you will produce, check on

Material kit (one by one) :

motherboard_asrock_h81_pro_btcASRock ATX Motherboard H81 PRO BTC (6x PCI-E)

cpu_intel_celeron_g1820_lga1150 CPU Intel Celeron G1820 LGA1150

kingston_4gb_ram Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600Hz

kingston_ssd_64gb Kingston SSD 64 GB SATA

logo_gpushack gpuShack proposes complete packages of MoBo + CPU + RAM + SSD with preinstalled EthOS . By using my coupon « miningcryptocurrencyblog« , You’ll get a $5 discount son your order.


psu_corsair_rm1000x1000W Corsair PSU

rx_480as much GPU RX 480 as you want.

pci-e_16x_to_1x_powered_riserPCI-E Riser 16x to 1x (as much as GPU)

… optional

wattmeter_otioWattmeter to control the electricity consumption, and be sure you do not consume close to the limit of your PSU.

Operating System

logo_ubuntuUbuntu is certainly the most popular, because most simple Linux distribution. It is free and very easy to setup.

logo_gpushack gpuShack proposes also the amazing EthOS Operating System. This OS has been developed specifically to mine cryptocurrencies like Ether or zcash. It is not expensive compared to the efficiency you’ll get. You can use the coupon “miningcryptocurrencyblog” and you’ll get $5 discount on your Cart.

Using your Mined money

logo_kraken Kraken is my favorite trading platform to trade ether or zcash into Euros. It is also where i have created all my wallets (BitCoin, Ether, Zcash).

logo_ethtrade Ethtrade is a trading company that announce a rate of 15% to 25% .

logo_bondora If you use my link, Bondora will offer you 5€ you can already start to invest in peer to peer lending.

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